Asbestos Management in Wichita Falls, TX

Despite being removed from building materials decades ago, asbestos remains a very real problem in many older establishments. From insulation, to an aggregate for concrete, to a binder for other building materials, asbestos can take many forms—all of which need to be properly remediated so they don’t turn into major hazards for building occupants.

At Flint Inspection Consulting Services, Inc., we’re your first line of defense against asbestos. We provide everything from identification and testing, to air quality inspection in Wichita Falls, TX, to make sure you’re not at risk of this cancer-causing agent. As an Individual Asbestos Consultant, we’ve been recognized by the Texas Department of State Health Services from 1991 to present.


Asbestos Abatement

If asbestos is found in your home or business through one of our inspections, we’ll consult with you on what the best approach to removing it is. Every asbestos inspection process needs to be a coordinated effort, to minimize dispersal of carcinogens and control the scope of debris. We work to formulate a plan of removal that takes all of this into consideration—one that’s actionable and remediates your building.

Air Quality Inspection

Air quality inspections are important for identifying asbestos fibers in the air. We’ll gauge the presence of particulates to provide an overview of the safety rating for your home or business’ air quality. Our lab is fully accredited and insured, providing the essential documentation needed to prove the presence of dangerous levels of asbestos particles in your breathable air.

Asbestos Removal

When the time finally comes to get rid of asbestos in your building, the job should only be handled by a trusted asbestos abatement specialist. Give us a call and we’ll make sure the job is done thoroughly and safely through our network of asbestos removal contractors, with no trace of this problematic material left over. Our mission is your safety!

Before you find yourself in a hazardous situation due to the presence of asbestos, make the proactive choice to call Flint Inspection Consulting Services, Inc. We’ll provide you with the environmental testing services you need, as well as air quality inspection, to address asbestos before it becomes a problem. Contact us today at 940-569-4876 to get started.

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